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About us

Safa Worldwide is a company that specializes in data aggregation and lead generation. Using proprietary software it enables companies to target consumers whose behavior will ultimately trigger a purchase, even if that purchase is in another market sector.

This is done not only by selling targeted sales leads meaning that companies can ultimately reduce their cost per acquisition but also by providing real-time behavioral information to aid the sales process. Safa Worldwide also acts as an introducer between potential customers and partners. Safa Worldwide receives referrals from brokers who have been unable to find a product for potential customers allowing an introduction to be made to a more suitable partner, these will mostly be in the financial services sector. A Safa Worldwide call centre representative gathers information from the potential customer about their needs and profile, which is entered into the bespoke system in order to 'match' the potential assured with a suitable product / partner.

What we do

Safa Worldwide specializes in driving customers to it partners by three different mediums, hot key, sms and profiled data. A sales organization is only as good the leads it has, we believe in assisting our customers to have the best leads in the market place. We are specialist in working with our partners to understand their requirements and matching customer to these..


Imagine having high volumes of hot leads transferred direct to your business line. That's exactly what our HotKey and Live Transfer Leads service gives you. Each lead is generated by one of our lead generation partners and will be handled and transferred by experienced and professional staff working on your behalf.


Imagine sending your customer a targeted message to drive an inbound calls, could there be anything more potent than a customer who has seen a message, picked up the phone and called you. Safa Worldwide sends out millions of sms messages monthly and will drive pre-qualified customers to your business. We believe our customer should focus on what they do best, which is run their business and let us take the pain out of lead generation.


Finding and using the right data is crucial for the development and future growth of your business. Safa Worldwide gives you access to highly experienced marketing experts who can source the most suitable data for your business and your marketing campaigns. Our decades of experience ensure we understand and meet your objectives head on and give you all the data you need throughout the duration of your campaign. Whether you need geographical data or data from a particular demographic group, our partners can source the most relevant, reliable and compliant data at very competitive rates. All data we supply has "opt-in" status and is up to date and easy to use.

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